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Jeff Jessie

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Hello, I am Jeff Jessie a Front End Developer and overall web junkie. I love taking ideas and formulating the best approach to making that idea appear on all screens. I have experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript as well as React. I also have experience with Express and NodeJS for backend server side and Database experience using GraphQL, MongoDB and MySQL.

I am looking to join a company as a Front End Developer where I can work with great people to make beautiful websites and web applications through hard work, team work and dedication. My ideal company is one that prides itself on being honest, inclusive, energetic and dedicated to making great things.

Personal Blog to keep notes with. EJS Templating utilized for online blog creation.

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ToDo List for my wife and I to utilized to keep organized with the kids on todo items for the house.

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Google Keep style note keeping kanban board. Allows me to put todays tasks on the screen. Refresh the page and they are gone and the next day starts fresh.

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